Workforce Management Solutions

LANGUI has designed, implemented and supported a generic Workforce Management System (WMS) called DEPLOY. This concept allows us to easily customize it and create a specific solution for different company requirements that have the following architecture requirements:

  1.  An extensive mobile and remote workforce,
  2.   A need to closely monitor employee training, skills, qualifications,
  3.   A need to accurately control what client requirements are needed at specific worksites,
  4.   A need to efficiently schedule personnel at these remote work sites,
  5.   A need to easily and securely disseminate critical business documents between clients, employee and other people of interest.
  6.   A need to allow remote workers to checkin and report on their work activities using either smartphones / tablets, PC based Employee Portal or Integrated Voice Recordings (IVR)
  7.   A need to have an extensive employee and client reporting system.

Our solution can be provided to small office groups or to larger, national companies that have divisions and workforces across the country.  We also allow clients to host their own applications internally, on 3rd party cloud based services or we can host them on the cloud for you.


For security companies: we have a full range of features to allow them to manage their employees and client posts.


For construction companies: create specific worksites, assign full time or subcontractors, & manage efficiently.