As a result of several man-years of work we have evolved our Security HR solution to a full Workforce Management System (WMS) called DEPLOY. This web based application is targeted at those companies who want to manage their remote and mobile workforce including their employees and equipment. It provides full integration of all functions needed to manage and control this workforce.

DEPLOY provides full integration of all possible input devices and all functions needed to assign, schedule and monitor resources to the workplace no matter where it is located. PCs allow management to do scheduling, Employee using Employee Portal to input events happening at their worksite and Client to view the status of the work being done. Smartphones allow Employees using Mobile Employee Login (MEL) to not only record their activities but easily track where the work is being done. As well, clients can use Mobile Client Login (MCL) to use their smartphones to monitor what is happening at their worksites. Finally, for those workers who do not have access to PCs, or smartphones they can login and record their activities using an Integrated Voice Recording (IVR) that is fully integrated into DEPLOY.

With setup parameters changed it is able to do the job effectively for Security Companies who provide static post and mobile patrols to Construction Companies who work at many locations around the country. It has the ability to effectively deploy and manage these resources.