Security HR

With the latest release of Version 3.0 in early January 2017 our DEPLOY solution provides security companies support in all major parts of managing and monitoring their workforce. This includes the following tasks:

  • Providing employee details including address, next of kin, skills, equipment loaned out, vacation, sick leave and extended leave of absences.
  • Recording client details including locations of their posts where security work is needed to be done, contact information, requisitions and scheduling needs.
  • ISO 9000 preventive and corrective incident recording including tracking of follow up actions.
  • Training module to allow the training staff of the organization the ability to  manage their On Site, Off Site and On Line training needs over the year.
  • Scheduling module to allow a central dispatch office the ability to review existing work requirements and ensure the best qualified person is available at the client site.
  • An Employee Portal (PIPEDA Compliant) where each employee can review all details on their electronic file and ensure any corrections are done in compliance to Government of Canada PIPEDA regulations.
  • Extensive Reporting capability on employee and client information that is built in to the application
  • Ad Hoc Reporting tool for employee information that allows certain staff the ability to perform extra reporting as needed during the course of their work in an as required basis.
  • User Profile tool to create user groups that ensure fine details on what users can read / edit as part of their work
  • A Mobile Employee Login (MEL) is available to allow remote employee to update their shift status and events happening remotely. This links directly into the dispatch module.
  • A Mobile Client Login (MCL) is available to allow mobile clients to view what is happening at their sites.
  • Full use of all input media including PCs, smartphones and telephones (Integrated Voice Recording – IVR)
  • Extensive utilities to allow office staff to manage back end tables unique for each company.
  • A comprehensive mapping DISPLAY module to present a comprehensive map of where their workers are located and what is being reported from each area.


For security companies: we have a full range of features to allow them to manage their employees and client posts.


For construction companies: create specific worksites, assign full time or subcontractors, & manage efficiently.