Mobile Application Development

Smartphones are becoming a dominant and most important means to connect to enterprise systems. LANGUI Systems has developed and implemented excellent apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices that not only provide excellent functionality for users on the move but also all are linked into enterprise systems. 

LANGUI Systems has implemented several solutions that centre around mobile smartphone solutions including:

  • A RememberIT self-testing solution
  • Mobile Employee Login (MEL) and Mobile Client Login (MCL) for recording events to the DEPLOY Workforce Management System.

Our focus on mobile technologies is to write once and deploy to each of the major OS smartphone platforms. All of our applications are designed to run on Apple iOS devices, Android and Blackberry / Android Smartphones.

    RememberIT is a learning application. Our focus is on the lifetime learner who wants to keep their brain active as they want to learn more in a self testing and learning environment. read more...

    Mobile Employee (MEL), Client (MCL), and Manager (MML) Logins are an integral part of our enterprise system DEPLOY, providing a way to view & record what's happening at company worksites.