MEL, MCL and MML Apps

We provide several outstanding smartphone applications that integrate with our DEPLOY Workforce Management System. These apps provide real time access from any worksite. As well, we are providing a paperless environment where all shift reports can be saved to pdf formats and can be emailed to any person that requires access to this information.

The Mobile Employee Login (MEL) application allows Employees to use their Android / Apple iOS smartphones to login to our workforce management system (DEPLOY). Using MEL the employee can their work schedules and update any work preferences so operations / HQ personnel are aware of their work availability. As well, it allows a shift worker the ability to record when they have started their shifts, create specific events related to their work site, and to end their shifts. As well, it has a Lone Worker feature where employees who work at Lone Worker sites, and require by safety regulations to confirm that all is well on a regular basic (e.g. every two hours) are reminded to checkin and to confirm that all is well at their worksite. In DURESS events are handled in a priority system from the HQ.  All event recordings include both the time it occurred and the GPS coordinates on where it happened.

The Mobile Client Login (MCL) is provided to client contacts who require operational access to events that are happening at their client sites. The main use of MCL is for clients to view shift activity happening at their work sites. They can add any specific shift notes needed for the worker to be aware of. The client can view when events happened in real time including when workers started/ended their shifts and what other events happened while on shift.

MCL also allows these contacts to create additional work requests to be submitted for operations personnel to handle. As well, clients can input any non-conformance or issue that they would like addressed by the HQ.

MCL is available from the Google Playstore.


The MEL application is available for download from both Google Playstore and Apple Store. A specific userID/password and Region ID are required to access and use MEL. Please contact staff at LANGUI Systems if you are interested in getting a demo of this product. Scan the QRCode below to get the MEL application from either Google or Apple stores based upon the OS of the smartphone doing the scan.