Consulting Services

For over 26 years, LANGUI Systems has provided consulting services to several government departments and commercial organizations.

Most of its consulting and support services has been to the Department of National Defence and specifically the Air Force. Its main design efforts during this period has been the design, implementation and support of a Command-wide web portal solution which integrates personnel, training, and financial systems.

Our specialized Equipment Maintenance system provides nation wide access to equipment serviceability and full details are available on all military airfield equipment outages in real time 24/7. LANGUI Systems Inc. developed this application and provide continuous support to the application as needed during the year.

Technologies used on these systems include Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) portal application and database servers by Oracle and the latest web based client tools using the Java platforms.

We have also developed and supported for the past three years a complete team auditing solution for mobile auditing teams. This allows any number of auditors to easily generate a questionnaire for a unique facility, conduct the inspection, and record any action items to be followed up. Once each member does their inspection they are then able to exchange with the Lead Auditor who then compile a single site inspection report in an efficient manner while still at the worksite. Technologies used here include the MongoDB (noSQL) database and AngularJS technologies.

Over the past two years our staff have been instrumental in providing technical guidance and architectural support to several international companies using the Microsoft Azure and AMAZON S3 services. More details can be obtained by looking at our Cloud Services tab.