MEL Released: Google Play & Apple

The MEL application is available for download from both Google Playstore and Apple Store. A specific userID/password and Region ID are required to access and use MEL. Please contact staff at LANGUI Systems if you are interested in getting a demo of this product. Scan the QRCode below to get the MEL application from either […]

RememberIT released: Google/Apple

Our  application was just released to both the Google Playstore and Apple Store. This is a self-testing application that allows the user to review tests created by the user community in their area of interest. Our first test is called Prairie Flora based upon the native plants found in the Manitoba area of Canada. All […]

Version 3.0 ( DEPLOY ) released

As a result of several man-years of work we have evolved our Security HR solution to a full Workforce Management System (WMS) called DEPLOY. This web based application is targeted at those companies who want to manage their remote and mobile workforce including their employees and equipment. It provides full integration of all functions needed to […]

Team Auditing Solution released

Our Team Auditing System (TAS) has been released. This application allows teams of auditor to visit a worksite and review any issues that need correction. Our TAS allows them to use their laptops in an integrated manner where they can store any observations, exchange them easily with the Team Leader who is able to efficiently […]

Version 2.0 of Security HR app

Version 2.0 of our Security HR solution has been released. This is the most significant release to our HR solution for security companies since Security HR was announced in 2007. It provides a full scheduling module, a PIPEDA compliant Employee Portal, a full Training module, and an Ad Hoc report writer. Also included is a full […]